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What sizes of Small Frame Pools are available? What is the water capacity and what pump is supplied with it?

INTEX57172  Mini Frame Pool - Yellow

Size: 1.22m x 1.22m x 30cm

Water Capacity: (80%) - 337 litres (89 gal)

INTEX57173  Mini Frame Pool - Blue

Size: 1.22m x 1.22m x 30cm

Water Capacity: (80%) - 337 litres (89 gal)

INTEX28270  Rectangular Frame Pool

Size: 2.2m x 1.5m x 60cm 

Water Capacity: (90%) – 1,662 litres (439 gal)

INTEX28272  Rectangular Frame Pool

Size: 3m x 2m x 75cm

Water Capacity: (90%) – 3,834 litres (1,013 gal)

INTEX28273  Rectangular Frame Pool

Size: 4.5m x 2.2m x 84cm

Water Capacity: (90%) – 7,127 litres (1,883 gal)

Does my INTEX pool carry a factory warranty?

INTEX pools do not have a manufacturer’s warranty. However, we will replace manufacturing defective product within 90 days of purchase (Except filter pumps, saltwater systems, electric heater and LED pool light which have a separate written warranty) with a copy of the sales receipt. Please contact Ideal Sources on 03 9587 7706 for further information and to inquire about filing a claim for defective parts. 

Will INTEX issue a refund for manufacturing defective product?

Any refund request must be made at the original place of purchase.

What material is the pool made of?

Laminated PVC which is made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability - two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement.


What is needed to prepare a site for the pool?

A flat, solid, level stable surface is needed and all sharp objects must be removed. A ground cloth or tarp should be placed under the pool prior to setting it up.

What other surfaces can be safely used to set up my INTEX Pool?

The Rectangular Frame Pool can be set up on grass, compacted dirt, or pavement that is completely flat, level and stable. A ground cloth or tarpGR is recommended for under the pool. DO NOT set up on sand or muddy ground that could possibly shift. It is NOT recommended to be set up on wooden decks, balconies or elevated platforms.

Can I set the pool up on a concrete patio?

Yes, as long as the pool location allows you to secure all doors and windows. A ground cloth under the pool is highly recommended. Do not drag the liner across the concrete, as abrasions will cause holes. The surface must be flat, level and stable.

What is the steepest slope that I am able to set up my pool on?

The surface must be perfectly flat, solid and level. Pay close attention to the pool’s stability and levelness in the early stages of filling your pool up with water. If after about an inch of water is accumulated, and the water is not spreading out evenly, or the pool appears to be bulging to one side, stop filling the pool, drain the water, and select a new level site. If the pool is set up on a slope, the pool will be lopsided and can collapse causing personal injury or property damage.

Can Sand Be Used To Level The Ground At The Pool Site?

No. Sand has a tendency to shift, therefore causing the pool to lean to one side and creating stress on the pool frame. The legs of the pool will also sink into the sand and the pool will become unstable and possibly collapse causing personal injury or property damage.

Can grass grow through the ground cloth and / or pool liner?

Yes, in some cases certain types of hardy grass such as Bermuda or St. Augustine can grow through the liner. Before setting up your pool, it is recommended that you clear the area of these types of hardy grasses. INTEX will not be held responsible for grasses that may grow through the ground cloth and / or pool liner, as this is not a manufacturing defect. A ground cloth or tarp may be helpful in preventing this from occurring.

How long does it take to fill the pool with water?

Two or more hours, depending on pool size, hose size and water pressure. Remember to observe the fill up process for several minutes to make sure that the pool is filling evenly and the water surface is level inside the pool.


How often should the water be changed?

Depending on usage and chemical balance this figure can vary. If properly filtered and chemically balanced, the pool water should last through a summer season. You can reduce the need for water changes by keeping your pool covered when not in use, testing the water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance, operating the pump for an adequate number of hours each day, keeping the filter pump cartridge clean and replacing the cartridge when needed.

How do I drain the pool?

1. Remove the cap from the drain valve on the outside of the pool wall. 2. Attach the female end of the hose to the hose adapter. 3. Place the end of the hose in an area where the water can be safely drained. 4. Screw the hose adapter to the drain valve. Note: water will start to drain immediately. 5. Disconnect hose adapter when finished. 6. Replace drain plug on the inside of pool for storage. 7. Replace drain cap on outside of pool. 8. Be sure pool liner is completely clean and dry before long-term storage. 

How do I prevent dirt and grime from getting into the pool water?

Remind your family and friends to always hose or rinse off any dirt or tanning oil from their hands, feet and body prior to entering the pool. Use the INTEX pool cover to keep your pool covered all the time when not in use. This will help keep the wind and the other elements from depositing dirt and debris in your pool.

Do you recommend using chemicals? If so, what kind?

Yes. Contact your local pool supply store for information on water treatment and provide the estimated number of gallons of water in your pool. Also the INTEX Krystal Clear™ Saltwater Systems will keep your pool clean from algae and bacteria. 

Would excessive pool chemicals affect / cause deterioration to liners?

Excessive or concentrated chemicals may cause damage to any pool, its parts and to the user.

Why do I find algae in my pool even when I run my filter pump regularly?

The pump and filter alone will not prevent algae from growing in pool water; this can only been done by maintaining proper chlorine and pH levels at all time. Purchase an INTEX Krystal Clear™ Saltwater System or check your local pool supply stores for further information.

How do I prevent the pool from damaging grass, lawn or prevent fungi from developing on concrete?

It is not possible to prevent grass or lawn damage under the pool. Keep this in mind when selecting your site for set up. Fungus may develop in shaded areas around the pool. Try to keep these shaded areas free from excess water.

What is the best way to remove algae stains from the pool liner?

Empty the pool, use a soft brush, mild detergent and water to remove algae stains from the pool liner. Thoroughly rinse and dry before refilling or storage.

How can I prevent black stains around the water level on the top ring?

Black stains around the top ring are normally caused by suntan or sunblock lotion that can float on the water surface and accumulate on the side. Clean the inflatable ring after each use with a damp cloth, and cover the pool when the pool is not in use with a pool cover. For a better hygiene, always use an INTEX Wall Mount Surface Skimmer to clean the water surface on a daily basis, and change the pool water once or twice per summer season.

Does the liner requires any special care to ensure durability?

Keep sharp objects out of the pool or from underneath the pool. Clean the inflatable ring after each use with a damp cloth, and cover the pool when the pool is not in use with a pool cover. Maintain proper pH levels and keep the pool sanitary and clean.

How does UV affect the materials used?

All PVC's degrade over prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight. INTEX pools are manufactured with UV inhibitors to delay the degradation caused by sunlight.

Does the colour of the printing on the inside of the pool wall fade away with time and does it pose any health risk issue?

Excessive use of pool chemicals can cause the colour of the inside wall printing to fade away faster, like a heavy chlorinated public swimming will cause a bathing suit colour to fade

Can the pool be left up year-round?

It depends on where you live. It is not recommended to keep your pool up if your temperature falls lower than 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The pool may freeze and crack the vinyl walls. A properly stored pool will last longer than one left set up year round due to the degrading effects of UVA light.

Winterising your Above Ground Pool

Your pool can be easily emptied and stored in a safe place during the winter. However, many people choose to leave their pool up year round. In areas where freezing temperatures occur, there is risk of ice damage. It is recommended to drain, disassemble and store the pool in a safe place when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Clean pool water thoroughly (If Easy Set Pool, make sure the top ring is properly inflated). Remove the skimmer (if applicable) or any accessories attached to the threaded strainer connector. Replace strainer grid if necessary. Be sure all accessories parts are clean and completely dry before storage. Plug the Inlet and Outlet fitting from the inside of the pool with the plug provided (sizes 10' and 12'). Close the Inlet and Outlet Plunger Valve (15', 18', and 24'). Remove the ladder (if applicable) and store in a safe place. Be sure the ladder is completely dry before storage. Remove the hoses that connect the pump and filter to the pool. Add appropriate winter chemicals. Consult your local pool dealer as different regions vary greatly. Cover pool with Intex Pool Cover. IMPORTANT: INTEX POOL COVER IS NOT A SAFETY COVER. Clean and drain pump, filter housing and hoses. Remove and discard old filter cartridge (keep a spare cartridge available for next season). Bring pump and filter parts indoors and store in a safe and dry area, preferably heated. 


After draining pool, dry pool liner completely (100%). Sprinkle talcum powder on liner to prevent vinyl from sticking together and to absorb any water you may have missed. Roll pool liner to avoid creases and relocate to storage area. Place it in original carton if you saved it. Keep all small parts together with filter pump, manual, and pool, and then place in an area that will remain at room temperature throughout the storage season. 

What should I use to clean my pool before storing it for the winter?

Mild soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and make sure it is completely dry before storing.


Is there a repair patch/kit enclosed for liner repair?

Yes. Small tears or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair kit. The surface should be clean and dry before affixing the patch. 

Other than Intex Repair Kits (Item# 59632 or part#10114) what kind of glue do you recommend for Intex pools?

A PVC or silicon based glue for repairing camping mats, tents, shoes, inflatable boats, etc are suitable for INTEX pools.

Why Does The Pool Frame Lean Inward After Assembled?

When the pool frame is completely assembled, the pool side walls and frame structure will lean inward. Make sure there are no wrinkles on the floor of the pool and that you have pulled the bottoms of the side supports out away from the liner to make the straps taut. As the pool is filled with water, the pool sides and frame will slowly move outward to where the pool sides and frame are vertical. Do not be concerned if the sides move further inward in the early stages of filling the pool: the pressure exerted by the water when the pool is completely full will push the sides out to their proper alignment.

In What Sequence Should The Pool Be Put Together?

With 2 adults, it is best to put the frame together starting with one end, pinning the side supports in the corners first, and then proceeding to pin the beams one side at a time.

How Come The Pool Starts To Tilt To One Side Even When I Have Already Set It Up On Level Ground?

The ground is not totally level. If this is the only area to set up the pool then a level must be used. The pool must be re-levelled and if the ground is not concrete such as asphalt, lawn or earth, you must place a piece of either pressure treated wood or concrete bricks, size 15” x 15” x 1.2”, under each leg flush with the ground. The u-shaped side supports must be placed in the center of the pressure treated wood with the wood grain perpendicular to the leg support.

What Is The Most Important Step I Need To Be Aware Of Before Filling Up The Pool?

Pull the bottoms of the side supports out away from the liner to make the straps taut. Also, before filling be sure the top beams of the pool are completely level.

What Should I Do If The Sleeve Is Stuck Onto The Horizontal Beams?

Before removing the horizontal beams from the pool liner, please make sure the pool is completely empty, and the vertical legs or U-shape side supports have been disassembled and removed from the beams. During the removal of the legs and U-shape side supports, shake the vertical legs or U-shape side supports from the horizontal beams. This will reduce the tightness between sleeve and beams, therefore the horizontal beams can slide out easier. 1. Pull the sleeve from the holes on the sleeve, and try separating it from the beam. Repeat this along the sleeve. Don't use water or soap as it will cause a suction effect between the sleeve and the beam. 2. Grasp the beam edge and rotate the beam left and right (back and forth) while pulling the beam out. The left and right rotation will help facilitate the removal of the horizontal beam. Next season, before setting up the pool, please spread some baby powder (do not use corn powder) over the horizontal beam during assembly which will make it easy to disassemble when you restore the pool.

My pool has a milky colour, do I need to change the water or is it treatable?

Water condition varies from country to country, states, region, and within specific zones and areas. In some regions the water could be "hard water", this is because the water contains excessive minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, thus causing the water to adopt a milky colour. Check your local pool supply store for advice on water treatment and balance.


Is a fence or enclosure required by law?

Most cities and towns require owners of certain types of pools, based on size and depth to fence the area where the pool is located. Check your local ordinance.

Is it safe to jump or dive into the pool off of a ladder or any type of platform?

No. Under no circumstances should anyone jump or dive into the pool. INTEX does not distribute any pools that are deep enough to allow such activity. Serious injury or death could result from failure to follow these rules.

Is it safe for my pets to play in the pool?

No. Dogs, cats and all other household pets should be kept away from the pool to avoid being trapped inside, and also to protect the structural integrity of the pool. (There is a risk of the sidewalls becoming punctured by pet claws and teeth).

Do I need to keep safety and rescue equipment on hand near my pool?

You should always keep rescue equipment by the pool and clearly post emergency numbers by the phone closest to the pool. Recommended items are (but not limited to) a Coast Guard approved ring buoy with attached rope, a standard first aid kit, a strong rigid pole not less than 12'(365.76 cm) and emergency procedure information



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