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How are the airbeds constructed?

There are five types of construction used on INTEX Airbeds. I-Beam construction is characterised by parallel vinyl beams oriented vertically or horizontally. Coil Beam construction is differentiated by open loops of vinyl, each attached by a weld (typically circular) at the top and bottom of the bed. Wave Beam is a converted I-Beam construction consisting of equally distanced air channels creating a wave like surface. Comfort-Top Construction is Two Layers. It has an I-Beam base and a top layer of circular imprints attached by a weld to a solid sheet of vinyl providing flexibility. Air-flow construction has diamond shaped pockets that allow air to flow smoothly from one pocket to another.

What is the approximate weight capacity of INTEX airbeds?

Jr. Twin, Twin size = 300 lbs / 136 kg. Full, Queen, King = 600 lbs / 272 kg.

What type of valve does my airbed have?

The INTEX airbeds have a Built-In Pump, a 3-in-1 Valve (part# 10650), a 2-in-1 Valve (part# 10651), or a Double Valve. An Exhaust Valve Cap (part# 10043) and Plug (part# 10044) is also used on some old type airbeds.

How can I differentiate the valves?

A Built-in Pump is a pump that is mounted inside of the airbed with the panel portion showing. A 3-in-1 (part# 10650) Valve has two "clips" on either side of the Valve Cap that allows for easy removal. A 2-in-1 (part #10651) Valve does not have "clips" and instead consists simply of a screw-on cap, and a plug that fits on top, and in the center of the cap itself. The Exhaust Valve Cap (part# 10043) and Plug (part# 10044) consists of a rubber stopper plug that is inserted first, while the screw-on cap is placed on top of the plug. The Double-Valve is a vinyl valve stem that is attached to the mattress and is reminiscent of a beach ball valve.

Why doesn't the product measure out to the size stated on the box?

INTEX airbeds state the approximate inflated size; Make sure the airbed is inflated before it is measured. Make sure to incorporate the bulge on whichever side you are measuring. All sizes are approximate which will be affected by the pressure, temperature and etc. You may get a measurement different than what is stated on the packaging due to the above.

What pump should I use with my airbed?

All INTEX Double Quick Hand Pumps (#68612, #68614, #68615), Bellows Foot Pumps (#69611, #68610) and Quick-Fill Electric Pumps (#66626, #66619, #66620, #68638, #66621, #66622, #66623, #66624, #66608, #66609), work on all INTEX products.


Can I use an airbed on my existing bedspring?

Airbeds may be placed on any serviceable bedspring or solid foundation. Old or damaged bedsprings can diminish the performance and comfort of the airbed and may even cause damage to the beds. INTEX airbeds perform best on solid foundations.

Can I use normal sheets for my INTEX airbed?

Yes, normal sheets will work on your airbed. It is best if you make sure that the pocket on your sheets are the correct depth of the airbed.

Can I use other brand's pump for inflating the airbeds?

Yes, you can use another brand's pump but we recommend using an INTEX pump. They are designed specifically for INTEX airbeds. Other pumps may reduce the performance or even cause damage to the airbeds.

Will the Quick-Fill Rechargeable Pump inflate my airbed?

Only if your airbed was designed for use with this pump.

Why won't my Quick-Fill Rechargeable Pump work? I turn it on and nothing happens.

Approximately 10 hours are required to fully charge the batteries. This applies to the first time charge and all subsequent recharges.


Can I wash my airbed?

The air bed can be washed with mild soap and water using a sponge or soft bristled brush. Thoroughly rinse and air dry. Do not submerse airbed into the water. Water saturation may be harmful to some materials used in the making of the airbed. DO NOT wash in a washing machine. This will cause damage to the airbed and possibly the washing machine.

What is your suggestion on pump maintenance?

Occasionally, petroleum jelly may be applied to the "O-Ring" located underneath the top filter cover to minimise seal cracking. Check hoses for leaks and replace if needed. Also make sure you've cleaned or replaced filter cartridges as recommended in the Owner’s Manual.


Since my airbed has flocking, how can I use the repair patch - it won't adhere to the flocking?

The repair patch is designed for vinyl surfaces only. However, fine sandpaper, or an emery board can be used to gently rub away the flocking. When that is complete, clean the area with nail polish removal solution so the repair patch will adhere to the bed.

If my airbed has a leak, how can I find it and patch it?

First, make sure that the airbed is leaking. Stretching is a natural characteristic of new vinyl and the first few times you use the mattress, some stretching will occur suggesting that the mattress is losing air. It is simply stretching under your body weight and this is normal for the first few uses. To check the mattress for leaks, first make sure the valves are secure, replace it if necessary. You can also put liquid soap and water in a squirt bottle and spray on seams. If there is a leak it will bubble. (Laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent will not work; they do not have the "bubbling" effect) After you find the leak, clean and dry the leaking area, remove the flocking with fine sand paper or an emery board, then apply the repair patch that comes with your airbed. Alternatively, you may purchase an Intex repair kit (#59632) for additional patches.

I misplaced the transformer to my Quick-Fill Pump. Which transformer do I purchase to replace it?

If your pump states 12volt DC, you need to purchase:SP# 10632, 120volt, 60Hz. Output: 12volt DC, 150mA, Class 2 transformer. If your pump states 7.5volt DC, you need to purchase:SP# 11083, 120volt, 60Hz. Output: 7.5volt DC, 150mA, Class 2 transformer.

Does the INTEX airbed come with a warranty?

Intex airbeds do not have a warranty. If you have any questions regarding the replacement of your Intex airbed please contact the original place of purchase. Replacements are issued through the retailer in accordance to their store policy.




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