Sport Lounges
Take your water lounging experience to another level of luxury with Intex sporting lounges and islands. You’ll relax and enjoy lazing in the water by yourself or with friends with many configurations to choose from!

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#58856 Rockin’ Lounge

1.88m x 99cm
0.40mm vinyl, Contoured design for added comfort with 2 air chambers, 1 cup holder and repair patch


1.99m x 1.50m
0.45mm vinyl. Detachable fabric sun shade with 2 built-in cup holders and all-around grab rope, 2 air chambers for added safety and repair patch

#58836 Mesh Mats

1.78m x 94cm
Mesh bottom for keeping cool, Inflatable fabric-wrapped ring for durability and comfort, Built-in pillow, 2 air chambers & Repair patch

#58868 Floating Recliner Lounge

1.80m x 1.35m
0.45mm vinyl, contoured design for added comfort, 2 air chambers, 2 cup holders, 2 heavy duty handles and repair patch

#56822 Mega Chill

89cm diameter
0.40mm vinyl. 5 built-in cup holders and 2 trays. Easy to use connectors to fasten it to River Runs by Intex. Durable handles and 3 air chambers with a repair patch

#58821 Mega Chill 2

1.22m x 97cm
0.40mm vinyl. Removable ice chest and holds up to 72 soda cans plus ice, can use as a floating base for a cooler up to 48 quarts and 6 cup holders

#58825 River Run 1

1.35m diameter
0.45mm vinyl. Mesh bottom keeps you cool with built-in backrest for easy cruising. Easy to use connectors, 2 air chambers, 2 heavy duty handles, 2 cup holders, All-around grab rope and repair patch

#58837 River Run 2

2.43m x 1.57m
0.45mm vinyl. Mesh bottom keeps you cool, Built-in backrest for easy cruising, Large built-in cooler with lid, Easy to use connectors, 5 air chambers, 2 heavy duty handles, 2 cup holders, All-around grab rope and Repair patch



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