What’s better than toys in the tub? Toys in a pool! Water play just got better with Intex pool toys. Your kids can dive and splash with a colourful array of designs.

Stimulate your kids’ imaginations with our fun packed play centres. Whether they’re travelling back to prehistoric time with a dinosaur friend or reigning over a castle, Intex play centers take water play time to a different level!

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#57149 Candy Zone Play Centre

2.95m x 1.91m x 1.30m
Includes waterslide, 2 lollipops, rails for balls rolling down and 6 balls as well as a landing mat for extra padding. Water sprayer attaches to the garden hose to keep kids cool in the summer. Drain plug in pool floor & repair patch included. Large pool fills to capacity 14cm of wall height: 206L and small pool fills to capacity 14cm of wall height: 168L. 81 kg maximum weight limit.

#57159 Surf N Slide

4.60m x 1.68m x 1.57m
Includes 2 Surf Riders with heavy duty handles as well as a landing mat for extra padding. Attach a garden hose to sprayers to wet the slide surface to keep kids cool in the summer. Repair patch is included. 80 kg maximum weight limit.

#57135 Dinoland Play Centre

3.33m x 2.29m x 1.12m inflated
Comes ready for play with six 8cm Fun Ballz™. Moveable Dino Arch sprayer attaches to garden hose, slide and splash into the wading pool. Jurassic fun with Dino Hoops and Volcanic Ball Roller games. Landing mat for extra padding. Capacity 15cm of wall height: 280L. Drain plug in pool floor & Repair patch. 81 kg maximum weight limit.

#57129 Gator Play Centre

2.03m x 1.73m x 89cm
0.28mm vinyl. Includes waterslide, 1 mushroom shade, gator, 2 fish, 1 baby duck and 1 fishing bucket. Landing mat for extra padding. Water sprayer attaches to garden hose to keep kids cool in the summer. Capacity 14cm of wall height: 180L. 54 kg maximum weight limit. Includes Drain plug & Repair patch



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