Water fun just got better with Intex pool mats and lounges.  Our fun designs will make your pool the place to be this summer!

Available in an array of designs and colours to suit all personalities!

See our full product range below...

#58152 Surfs Up Mats

1.78m x 69cm
Vintage surfboard & High Wave surfboard assortment. Fiber-Tech™ interior structure for strength and stability. 0.3mm vinyl, 2 air chambers & Repair patch

#58859 Sit N Float

1.52m x 99cm
0.25mm vinyl. Unique design for extra fun. Transparent top panel with yellow and green bottom. 2 air chambers & 2 heavy duty handles for stability.

#58807 Tote-n-Float™ Wave Mats

2.29m x 86cm
0.25mm vinyl. Built-in pillow chamber. Roll it up inflated and head for the pool! 2 air chambers. Yellow, pink and orange colour assortment with double-sealed edges and repair patch

18-Pocket Suntanner Mats

1.88m x 71cm
0.28mm vinyl with 2 air chambers and clear vinyl top with colour pockets. Coil beam construction with contoured pillow for comfort and a repair patch included.

#58890 18-Pocket
Fashion Lounges

1.88m x 71cm

0.28mm vinyl, 2 air chambers, 2 air chambers, pillow for comfort, coil-beam construction, I-beam pillow and repair patch

Fashion Mats

1.83m x 69cm
0.18mm vinyl with 2 air chambers and three flower designs

#59703 Economats

1.83m x 69cm
0.15mm vinyl, blue, green and pink assortment with matte finish

#59894 18-Pocket Suntanner Lounges

1.88m x 71cm
0.28mm vinyl, 2 air chambers, Clear vinyl with  colour pockets and see-through window. Coil-beam construction Contoured pillow for comfort and Repair patch