What’s better than toys in the tub? Toys in a pool! Water play just got better with Intex pool toys. Your kids can dive and splash with a colourful array of designs.

Have jumbo beach and pool party fun this summer with any of Intex's Beach Ball's! Featuring super colourful designs that will look beautiful in any pool! 

See our full product range below...

#58590 Puff ’N Play™ Water Toys

Assorted Characters
Dallas the Dinosaur, Fred the Flamingo, Darby the Dolphin, Chucky the Clown Fish, Dakota the Duck, Fashion Boat, Teddy the Tropical Fish, Tyson the Turtle, 
Wayne the Whale

#59020 Glossy Panel Ball

Glossy Panel Ball

20" (51cm) diameter
7ga (0.18mm) vinyl material

#59040 Lively Print Balls

20" (51cm) diameter
7ga (0.18mm) vinyl material
Coral Reef Fish, Octopus & Friends, and Realistic Starfish designs

#59065 Jumbo Ball

42" (1.07m) diameter
9ga (0.23mm) vinyl and includes Repair patch
Fresh fun and multi-coloured dot design



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