Keep your little ones cool outside this Summer with Intex's range of Baby Pools, Small Pools & Spray Pools.

Variety of pools some with built in sunshades, others with sprayer spouts that attach to garden hoses to provide endless summer entertainment for your children!

See our full product range below...

#57441 Mystic Unicorn
Spray Pool

2.72m x 1.83m x 1.04m inflated size. Sprayer spout attaches to a garden house. Capacity of wall height 17cm: 151L. Includes drain plug and repair patch.

#57125 Whale Shade Pool

2.11m x 1.85m x 1.09m, 11ga (
0.28)mm pool, built in sunshade, Capacity 16cm wall height: 120L. Includes repair patch.

#57111 Friendly Goldfish Baby Pool

1.40m x 1.24m x 34cm, 10ga (0.25mm) vinyl, goldfish design, capacity of 10cm wall height: 36L. Includes repair patch.

#57124 Lazy Snail Shade Baby Pool

1.45m x 1.02m x 74cm, 10ga (0.25mm) vinyl, built in sunshade provides partial protection from harsh sunlight, capacity of 14cm wall height: 53L. Includes repair patch.

#57114 Mushroom Baby Pool

1.02m x 89cm inflated.
0.25mm vinyl, Baby’s own pool with built-in mushroom sunshade, A soft inflatable floor allows for gentle play. Capacity 13cm of wall height: 45L with Repair patch

#57100 Play Box Pools

85cm x 85cm x 23cm inflated
0.25mm vinyl & Soft inflatable floor Capacity 18cm of wall height: 57L, Repair patch

#57422 Sunset Glow Pool

57422: 1.47m x 33cm, 0.20mm rings; 0.18mm floor & 3 rings, Capacity 24cm wall height: 299L

#58439 Cool Dots Pool

1.47m x 33cm, 0.20mm rings, 0.18mm floor, Capacity 23cm wall height: 330L



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